Wordmeister is a word game in which you can challenge your vocabulary by creating English words from random letters. The goal of the game is to find valid words from a set of random letters.

To start, the player needs to create new words from random letters at the bottom of the screen. You and your opponent will be given a random letter to choose the first player. The letters will be generated consecutively and connected at any point. Players can create 2 words at the same time to gain more points. When no more new words are created, the game will end with the winner going to the person with the higher score. Good luck!

How To Play

The tiles are positioned at the bottom of your screen. To form words, simply drag and drop the tiles onto the board. The new word should be able to connect to any tile that has already been played.

The first word must be placed in the center square, which is the star square. The value of the first word will be doubled.

The value of any letter placed on the blue square will be doubled. 

The value of any letter placed on the green square will be tripled. The total value of a word will double if any of its letters covers the orange square. The total value of a word will triple if any of its letters covers the red square. Please use this resource responsibly to earn incredible points! 

If you are unable to come up with a word, you have two options. You can choose to exchange some of your tiles, which will result in losing a turn. Alternatively, you can choose to skip your turn, which will give your opponent an opportunity to potentially win the game.

The game panel will display the information regarding the gameplay, if you are concerned about it. That's all! Wishing you the best of luck!