Absurdle is a far more difficult game than Wordle. It is created by a pseudonymous coder named qntm. You can play online through web browsers on desktop/PCs or mobile devices.

Twist In Absurdle

It doesn't have a single word up its sleeve. The game starts with 2,315 possible words. After each guess, it keeps the most possible secret words in its back pocket. This forces you to narrow its options down until you essentially trap the AI into only having one word left.

It sounds absurd, right? That’s why it’s called Absurdle.

How To Play

  • The goal of the game is to guess a secret five-letter word in six tries. 
  • Clues are provided by the color that your letters take after you enter your guess: 
    • Orange indicates a correct letter that is in the wrong place. 
    • Green indicates a correct letter that is in the right place. 
    • Gray indicates a letter that is not in the word at all. 

Difficult Settings in Absurdle

Players can choose these options below to change into harder modes anytime if they think the current version is too easy:

  • Hard mode: All revealed information must be used in later guesses.
  • Challenge mode: You are given a target word, and you must force it to be the secret word. Recommended for advanced players only.
  • Timed mode: You have 60 seconds per guess.
  • Expanded word list (~5x bigger): Extremely obscure words like "AAHED", "PHPHT" and "XYLYL" can be the secret word.


  • Show "" or "?" on correct or partially correct guessed letters
  • Dark mode

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