Daily Word Search

Daily Word Search

Daily Word Search

Daily Word Search is a word game for enthusiasts of finding new words on the grid. This game is gaining popularity day by day thanks to its gorgeous graphics and fresh daily topics.

A new topic will be released every day, and you will see a brief introduction with some details. The information will include the topic's name, release date, a quick summary of the topic, and a small hint note before you begin. Please read so you can comprehend how the game functions.

On the left side of the screen are the words that players must find, and on the right is a 10x10 grid with letter combinations to assist you in finishing the task.

In order to finish the puzzle for each day in this game, the player must look for the listed words. All of the words to look for are associated with common subjects. There will only be three hints available to you. Once used up, you'll have to finish the search on your own.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play the game: click and drag from left or right to find the listed words. 
  • Words are horizontal, vertical, and also diagonal. Furthermore, they may also be backwards
  • Look closely to find all the words and you will complete the daily task
  • Players can also play the old tasks if they haven’t finished them yet
  • Remember that you only have 3 hints in total. Use them wisely!

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