Weaver Game

Weaver Game

Weaver Game

Weaver Game is a puzzle game that functions like a ladder. The game requires you to enter words that differ from the previous by just one letter until you reach the last word. The goal is to make the first word become the last word.

How To Play

You will be provided with two words: the start word (above) and the last word (below). You have to arrange the letters in the start word to form the end word. However, you can only change one letter from the word above in each move. To begin, enter a random word that contains one letter from the last word. When your letter is in the correct position with the letter in the last word, it will be colored green. Then, you have to change only one letter from your word, and the new letter must contain one letter in the end words. Basically, each word that you enter may differ from the previous one by just one letter. 

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