Welcome to a casual game called Woodoku that combines sudoku and wood block puzzles. Everyone can enjoy this game because it is both challenging and addictive. With this logic puzzle game, you can exercise your brain and determine your IQ.

Features Of Woodoku

  • To remove the wood block pieces from the board, you must arrange them in rows, columns, or squares on the 9x9 grid.
  • By clearing multiple lines or regions at once, you can increase your bonus points and streak points.
  • There are 3 different game modes in Woodoku:
    • Classic mode: Play at your own pace and take pleasure in the endless puzzle.
    • Timed: Beat the clock and fill the board as quickly as you can.
    • Bomb: Remove the bomb blocks before they explode and end the game.
  • Stunning visuals and tranquil sounds are available in this game.

How To Play

  • Drag the wood block puzzle pieces onto the wooden grid.
  • To remove the wood blocks from the board, complete a row, column, or square.
  • To earn more points, remove several rows, areas, or squares of wood blocks simultaneously.
  • The score you get depends on the time you play and the number of blocks you have cleared.


There are some advantages in the game that help you win:

  • Shovel: it will remove 1 square each time you use to make enough space for the new block fill in.
  • Undo: this button will remove the latest block that players have just added.

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