Word Search Time

Word Search Time

Word Search Time

Word Search Time is a straightforward but popular word search game. Your goal in this game is to locate every word listed on the right side of the screen as quickly as you can. With three levels, solve thousands of puzzles on a variety of topics. With many English words you might not be familiar with, it tests you every day and raises the bar on your comprehension.

Features in Word Search Time

There are some main features that players may recognize when they play this game, such as:

  • Free with any browser
  • Multiple difficulty modes: easy, medium, hard. You can see it in later levels
  • Bright, colorful visual theme
  • Offline version available

How To Play

  • There are lists of words to find in each level.
  • You must cross each item off the list in any order you choose, whether it be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • If you're playing on a phone or tablet, tap the screen; if you're playing on a computer, use the mouse.
  • Utilizing help is crucial if you run into problems with any words, but you must first watch an advertisement to do so.
  • You will receive more bonus points the quicker you succeed.

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