Free Words

Free Words

Free Words

In Free Words, players can create countless new words in a limited time. It does a great job of increasing your vocabulary.

Players of all ages can play this game. You will be given 5 letters for each level, and you have one minute to create as many English words as you can. A word can have a minimum of 3 letters and a maximum of 5 letters.

Due to the nature of the game, accuracy and speed are crucial. Players can also pick up a lot of new vocabulary in a single level.

Features in Free Words

  • Train speed and logical thinking to create meaningful words
  • Free to play at any time: you can play with friends and family to speed up the completion of the challenge
  • Without any help: players need to complete the level on their own without any help from the system
  • Improve your vocabulary by playing this game every day
  • Cross-platform support: the game is suitable to play on phones, tablets or on computers

Tips To Win

  • Create as many words as you can by starting with 3-letter words and linking them in your head.
  • You should start with the 3-letter words and work your way up to the 4-letter words, then leave the 5-letter lastly.
  • We'll begin with the consonants since they have a higher likelihood of appearing first.
  • The responses could be verbs, adverbs, or nouns.
  • Play with a friend to complete it more quickly, try not to make the wrong word because it will take longer time to finish, and looking up the dictionary will slow you down.

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