Word Swipe

Word Swipe

Word Swipe

Word Swipe is a fast-paced and limited-time quest game for players of all ages. To create meaningful English words, players must match the letters in the grid. You can match letters going top to bottom, left to right, or the opposite.

Your English skills will be put to the test on the game's numerous levels. With each level, the difficulty gradually rises, and you score more and more points for words with more characters. To advance to the next level, carefully read each level's requirements and fulfill them within the allotted time. With this game, you can unwind while also picking up new vocabulary. Its mechanics are as basic as those of a typical quest game, but it is also difficult when time is of the essence. Additionally, if you encounter any difficulties, consider using bombs to destroy a desired section of letters.

How To Play

  • To create a word, click and drag along a line with at least three letters.
  • Release to submit.
  • You will score more points the longer the word you find. 
  • Before time runs out and the game is over, clear both vertical and horizontal lines to complete the goal.
  • Bonus bombs: After you reach the objective, keep sending words to charge bonus bombs.
  • Drop a bomb: To clear a square, click and drop a bomb. 

Tips To Win Word Swipe

  • Don't just concentrate on one area of the board; quickly scan the entire board for letter patterns and potential words.
  • To increase your chances, try structuring your words diagonally and frequently switch up your direction.
  • For extra points, use power-ups like Bombs at critical times.
  • Discover which power-ups are most effective for various board configurations and letter combinations.
  • Create longer words (5 letters or more) whenever you can to increase your score.
  • To select the entire connected string of letters as one word, quickly double-tap a letter.
  • To give yourself more time to find other words, use Freezes sparingly.
  • When under pressure, maintain your composure. If you get stuck on a tricky board, don't get upset, be calm and the solution will appear in your mind.
  • If you're stuck, split longer words into 3–4 letter ones. 
  • Learn common word stems, prefixes, and suffixes so you can recognize possibilities quickly.
  • Maintain your practice on these challenges to improve your word recognition speed.
  • In order to correct mistakes and get better over time, analyze your game results. All the statistics are listed after the game is over.

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