Welcome to Wordie, the exciting word game! This game arranges words based on suggestions from the system. The game will present the player with a set of letters arranged randomly. The player's objective is to rearrange the letters to form words that match the given suggestions in the puzzle. The player must move the letters to guess the correct answer. Once the level is completed, simply click to proceed to the next puzzle. This game is suitable for all ages and can be played anywhere, at any time of the day. It is a simple and enjoyable activity.

Since the difficulty level is low, this game does not provide any assistance. Players must rely on their own strength to overcome challenges. Please note that as you progress, the length of the words will gradually increase, resulting in increased difficulty. This will require you to use your intelligence to solve each problem.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to move letters, move them to the right position
  • Each time you complete a quiz, tap the screen to level up
  • The more letters the puzzle has, the more difficult it is

Tips And Tricks to win Wordie

  • Stick with the information of the level to find the correct answer.
  • If the answer has more than 5 letters, it may include more than 2 words.
  • You can also search on Google or the dictionary to find the answer.

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