An fascinating online game, Flaggle features the flags of various nations from across the world. It promises to keep you and your pals entertained for countless hours. You can't miss Flaggle! Because it is one of the most well-liked iterations of the Wordle series, with its appealing gameplay and lovely flag visuals.

There are no age, level, or time restrictions for this game. It was simply designed with the intention of increasing the player's knowledge of the flags of various nations.

Features in Flaggle

  • Based on the well-known word-guessing game named Wordle.
  • Your understanding of various nations of flags and territories is put to the test.
  • A similarity flag reveals how closely your forecast matches the right response in color, also providing feedback on your theories.
  • Because there are only 10 popular colors available, guessing is easier.
  • There is a list of flags that you can use as a guide.
  • Available for free.

How To Play

  • Your objective is to identify a nation's or territory's flag in as few attempts as you can.
  • A similarity flag that shows which part of your guess matches the answer's color is displayed after each guess. The palette has been condensed to a set of 10 widely used colors to make guessing more practical. We apologize if this causes certain flags to be incorrect.

Read the example carefully and start playing!


There are two modes for players:

  • Free Mode: you can search for any flag you want and guess it without any time limit or restriction. However the puzzles will not be updated and you may encounter the same puzzle more than once.
  • Daily Mode: you have to guess a random flag that is the same for everyone, and you only have six attempts per day. After completing the puzzle, you cannot play again until the next day.

Because it tests your flag knowledge and reduces your chances of guessing, Daily Mode is more difficult and addictive than Free Mode.

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