Pyramid is a well-liked solitaire game that you can play on any browser. Your target in this game is to get rid of all cards from the pyramid-shaped card layout. You must match up pairs of cards so that they add up to 13 in order to accomplish that.

For instance, you can match 10 and 3 or Queen and Ace


  • Jack = 11
  • Queen = 12
  • King = 13 (which can be matched all by itself)
  • Ace = 1

You cannot move cards in the back until you have taken out the cards in front of it. If the pyramid doesn't contain a matching pair for you, you can choose from the stockpile in the top-left corner of the screen until all of the cards have been used.

The game will end when one of the following two cases occurs:

  • You have eliminated every card from the screen.
  • You cannot create any pairs to move on.

How To Play

Use your mouse to drag the card and release it to another one which gives you a total of 13.

Click the cards on top of your left corner to get more options to pair.

If you get stuck, use the Hint function to get help from the system.

Menu in Pyramid

At the bottom, you will see the Main Menu. Players can click to change some options and get help:

  • Games: Pyramid and Pyramid Easy are two modes available in this game
  • New: Players can choose to play new game anytime
  • Undo: If you realize some moves are wrong, you can undo them. Each click can just undo one move.
  • Hint: The Hint function gives you support if you don’t know which one to move next. However, it is not always helpful so do not get too attached.
  • More: Standing at the right corner of your screen is the gear icon. This one gives you the chance to change:
    • Appearance such as: Card Back, Card Set, Background
    • Options: Game Sounds (on/off), Visual Effects (shadows, cards enlarging, buttons), Automatically move cards to the foundations (Global, Selective), Show Counters (Score, Time, Moves)
    • Scores information: Percentage of won/lost, Longest winning/losing streak, Current streak

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