Scramble Words

Scramble Words

Scramble Words

Scramble Words is a game that challenges you to unscramble a list of letters, find as many words as possible. You can use your keyboard or mouse to select the letters and submit the words. You can also reshuffle the letters or use the bonus bar to reveal one letter on the board. The game scores you based on the length and difficulty of the words you find, as well as how quickly you find them.

Features in Scramble Words

  • Players in this game must swiftly reason and make decisions based on the provided letters.
  • The time will be reduced from minutes to seconds after each round.
  • It's nearly impossible to play this game while looking up a word in the dictionary. To do the assignment, you can only rely on the knowledge that is already available.
  • Find as many words as you can since the bonus words will help you discover more hints for the solution.


On Menu Header, you can see some information about the game such as:

  • Menu Settings: 
    • Players can turn music/sound on/off
    • Words you have typed: Target words and Bonus words found
    • How to play the game
    • Quit button
  • Number of the current Round
  • Score you have made
  • Time you have left
  • Pause button

At the bottom of the screen, you can see:

  • The keyboard where you type words
  • Delete: remove all letters you have type in one click
  • Undo: remove one letter you have just typed
  • Reshuffle: rearrange the order of the given letters

How To Play

  • Use the letters you have available to unveil every word written on the board before running out of time.
  • The Bonus Bar will fill up as you produce meaningful words. One letter on the board will become visible when the bar is fully filled. It will still be filled if you come up with a term that is correct but not on the board.
  • Use the keyboard or a mouse to select letters. Use the "Enter" key on the keyboard or on the screen to submit a word.
  • Use the backspace key on the keyboard or the "Undo" button on the screen to delete letters. If you get into trouble, try rearranging.

Time’s Up

After the game is over, a table will appear with your game statistics including:

  • Final score
  • Target words found
  • Bonus words found
  • Bonus letters revealed
  • Time spent
  • Round score

You can also review the words you guessed by clicking the Words button. There are Target words and Bonus words that are listed into 2 separate sections. Click “Play again” button if you want to restart the challenge.

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