Tripeaks Solitaire

Tripeaks Solitaire

Tripeaks Solitaire

Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun card game that the goal is to clear all the cards on the screen from the top 3 of the pyramid to the deck at the bottom of the screen.

The deck of 52 cards is set up in three overlapping triangles. Only face-up cards can be moved by players. Only if there are no cards on top of it will the cards at the back of the deck be exposed.

How To Play

The player must find a card of any suit that is either immediately before or one unit after the card they wish to overwrite in the deck at the bottom of the screen.

For instance: You open the Queen at the bottom deck, you can overlap the King or Jack in any suit that you see it’s open. If you are on top of a King, then you can override another Queen or an Ace.

When all the cards are gone, the game is over and you have won. If any cards are left after that, you will not be able to win.

How To Score in Tripeaks Solitaire

  • The number of cards still in play at the end determines the score. If there are no cards left, you win.
  • The number of moves you use to win the game is also taken into account, so winning with fewer moves is preferred.


The help you can find in this game are:

  • Hint: The system will suggest the next action you should take to win the game
  • Undo: If you regret of any move, this button will help you go back to the moment you want

Other Information of Tripeaks Solitaire

You can see some information about the game and change it such as:

  • Setting: Game Sounds, Player name, Enable visual effects (shadows, cards, enlarging, buttons), Apply swinging card effect during the drag
  • Appearance: Theme, Card Set, Card Back, Background
  • Score: players can see information about score such as Statistics, Hi-Scores, Achievements

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